I am a two-time fashion tech entrepreneur, long-time strategy & product development consultant, sometime artist, and inadvertent full stack developer. I pioneered the concept of mass-customizing clothing by body type 18 years ago, and have been at the forefront of personalizing products and user experiences ever since.

I'm nothing if not persistent - when I kept running into the Catch-22 of being unable to hire a tech team to build Click2Fit’s software without funding, I started learning everything I needed to know in order to develop the algorithms and build it myself – from artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience and physics, to designing the architecture and developing the software. Fast forward a few years later and Click2Fit is about to start beta testing its expert recommendation software, and I became a full stack developer along the way.

About Click2Fit

Click2Fit's software (AI) enables retailers to recommend clothing you'll love that flatter and fit.

Instead of spending hours or days searching and trying on clothing, take a few minutes to create a profile and let your virtual stylist do all the work. Click2Fit has reverse engineered the thousands of visual and cognitive rules that humans subconsciously use to determine what looks good on them. Proprietary algorithms evaluate that information, as well as hundreds of data points for individual pieces of clothing, and dynamically select clothing that fits and flatters the customer, and suits their taste and lifestyle.